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Data use information

  • What is the GDPR?

  • I’m not in the EU, why do I have to care about the GDPR?

  • How do I find out more about the right to erasure?

  • What is considered personal data?

  • If my service is canceled because I withdrew consent, will I receive a refund?

  • Why does the order in which my services are listed on the Data use consent settings page change?

  • Does the data use consent request timeout?

  • Who receives the data use consent request?

  • Why can’t I see real contact information in the public Whois anymore?

  • How will Whois change?

  • What sort of personal data will Tucows process via contract?

  • What sort of personal data will Tucows process via consent?

  • In the gated Whois, what data will be displayed?

  • Will the public Whois output still display domain dates, status, nameservers, and sponsoring registrar?

  • What is the difference between the output in the gated Whois and the output in the Contact Privacy (Whois privacy) Whois?

  • Will the GDPR-related changes to the Whois affect non-EU domain registrants?

  • Will the gated Whois show information for privacy-protected domains?

  • Should I still consider activating Contact Privacy?

  • How are products grouped together on the Data Use Consent Settings page?

  • What triggers the consent request to be sent?

  • How will Tucows obtain my consent?

  • For how long does Tucows keep personal data on file?

  • Why is my domain pre-consented? I haven’t yet provided consent.

  • I don’t want to consent, what are my options?

  • Why is consent sometimes required and sometimes optional??Why are some TLDs and services asynchronous while others are synchronous?

  • How and why does Tucows process the personal data it collects? (Data Use Information Page)