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Whois use and information

  • What is the Tiered Access Directory (gated Whois)?

  • Why can’t I see real contact information in the public Whois anymore?

  • How will Whois change?

  • Is it possible to opt-in to the display of real data in the public Whois?

  • In the gated Whois, what data will be displayed?

  • Will the public Whois output still display domain dates, status, nameservers, and sponsoring registrar?

  • What is the difference between the output in the gated Whois and the output in the Contact Privacy (Whois privacy) Whois?

  • Will the GDPR-related changes to the Whois affect non-EU domain registrants?

  • Will the gated Whois show information for privacy-protected domains?

  • Should I still consider activating Contact Privacy?

  • Update the Whois contact information associated with my domain

  • Transfer of Ownership, Change of Registrant and Domain Trades

  • Whois Data Reminder Policy (WDRP)

  • Whois Verification

  • What is Whois?

  • Tiered Access (Gated Whois)

  • Report inaccurate Whois info

  • Report Illegal or malicious activity or content

  • Submit a complaint against my Domain Provider