Listed below are results from the 2004 Mud, Sweat, and Gears Cyclocross Series

MSG #1 Results - 10/23/2004

What a great first race! The Men's A race saw an impressive showing from Brent Bookwalter who shelled everybody. In the B race, the ASU duo of David Faulkner and Ross Bowden used some great team tactics to take the top 2 spots. The Men's C race had a great turnout with Dwight Wyatt taking home the win. Sean Letterman won the Jr's race and Cara McCauley-Applegate held off a strong women's field.
Thanks to all who came out this weekend. The series is just getting underway, so there's still plenty of racing action left at Winged Deer Park in Johnson City, TN.

MSG #2 Results - 10/30/2004

Mud, Sweat, and Gears #2 saw some more great racing and alot of improving riders. Shawn Altizer turned it up a notch to take the win this week in the A's. David Forkner notched win #2 in the B's and did it without his teammate this week. Michael Wilson stung the Men's C field while both Dustin Jackson and Dwayne Letterman showed major performance improvements. Finally, Sean Letterman won the Jr's race, and Tara Broadbrooks handily won the Women's race. Remember folks, this is a series and consistancy pays off for the overall.

MSG #3 Results - 11/6/2004

Mud, Sweat, and Gears #3 saw some more great racing and cooler weather. Now, if we could add some rain or snow, we might get some Belgian style cross. I can't say I mind the sunshine though...this was our 3rd straight weekend of great weather. Shawn Altizer bunny-hopped his way to the top of the A's and continued his dominance. Jeremy Chandler from Knoxville took the B's. Michael Wilson took win #2 in the Men's C field despite a strong effort from Dustin Jackson. Despite a lack of Jrs, Sean Letterman continues to improve, and Cara McCauley-Applegate returned this week to handily win the Women's race. Double points were on the table, so the series standings are really taking place. Race #6 on 12/4/04 is the next time double points will be awarded.

MSG #4 Results - 11/13/2004

Mud, Sweat, and Gears #4 saw sunshine, cold winds, and great racing. Andy Applegate stormed to the win in the Men's A race. Good luck to Andy this coming weekend as he takes on some of the nation's best cx racers in NJ! Todd Braswell took the win in a small but tough Men's B field. Michael Wilson took win #3 in the Men's C race and has earned himself a spot in the Men's B race starting next week. Thomas Wilkinson won the Jr's race, and Cara McCauley-Applegate held on to win the Women's race despite a late surge from Anne Bolyea.

MSG #5 Results - 12/20/2004

Hats off to Brent Bookwalter (2004/05 Div II Collegiate National MTB XC Champ) who returned to the Mud, Sweat, and Gears series to dominate the Men's A field in race #5. In fact, he dominated the Men's A field on Sunday in Hendersonville, NC too. The man is a machine. Jeremy Chandler and Cara McCauley Applegate won the Men's B and Women's races again, respectively. Dustin Jackson was the big story of the day. After struggling through the first part of the series, this guy has returned to his winning ways after a several year hiatus from cycling and stormed to the win in the C division. Welcome back, Dustin! Lastly, Thomas Wilkinson won the Jrs race. Happy Thanksgiving everybody...Don't eat too much turkey!

MSG #6 Results - 12/4/2004

The final Mud, Sweat, and Gears race took place Saturday 12/4/04. In addition to our race winners, congratulations are in order for our series overall winners. They are Shawn Altizer (Men's A), Todd Braswell (Men's B), Michael Wilson (Men's C), Cara McCauley-Applegate (Women's), and Sean Letterman (Juniors). Thanks for a great series everybody, and we'll see you again in 2005.

Final 2004 MSG Points Standings