The Tri-Cities Cup 2007 - The Grudge Match

To all TCRC and NTMBA Club Members:

 In an effort to boost local participation, club awareness, and the friendly two-wheeled rivalry between the Tri Cities Road Club and the Northeast Tennessee Mountain Bike Association, we are  pleased to announce the Tri-Cities Cup.  As you may already know, November 10th is the date set Mud, Sweat, and Gears Cyclocross #3 at Steele Creek Park.  In an effort to further awareness of the clubs, the Tri-Cities Cup is a friendly competition between the two organizations on that date.  The rules are quite simple.

On race day, riders from each organization will toe the start line in their respective categories.  At the finish, regardless of category or ability Are you ready for the challenge?level, they will receive points per the MSG points structure for their race.  Each rider’s points will go toward an overall total for their club.  At the end of the day, the club with the most points will be deemed the winner of the Tri-Cities Cup and will collect the glory and fame associated with this most prestigious award (ie. bragging rights for a year!).  Obviously, the more racers your club has present, the better your odds of collecting the Cup.  The honor system will be in place regarding club member status, and the member must be dressed in a team jersey.  Think of all the red and green jerseys locked in battle!

For those club members not interested in racing, there are still plenty of opportunities to participate.  Those club racers will certainly need raucous fans (Yes, Virginia, face painting and air horns are encouraged), and 100 points are on offer for a quality booth setup.  Each organization should easily be able to earn points for a booth.  The object here is to show off club pride by wearing club attire and having fun!

Neither club has a major event on November 10.  The venue is local and easily accessible.  Three weeks should be ample time to “rally the troops,” find appropriate bikes, and the race cost  is an inexpensive amount (a fraction of the bikes we ride, and 1/3 the cost of a 24 hour or stage race).  Should the cost be a deterrent for a racer, have them contact the race promoter, Dwayne Letterman (dwayne at msgcross dot com), to discuss the situation.

Roadies, this is your chance to prove that shaved legs really do go faster, and mountain bikers, here’s your chance to show off your bike handling skills as you slide through the corners.  As stated previously, the emphasis here is on friendly competition.  High fives all around are expected at the finish line regardless of the outcome.  That said, the gauntlet has been thrown down.  Will your club members have an answer?
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