The Tri-Cities Cup 2006 Results

Are you ready for the challenge?On October 14, 2006, a fearsome battle for the Tri Cities Cup was fought at Winged Deer Park between the smooth legged road warriors of the TCRC clan and the knobby tired woodsman of the NTMBA. Over the course of the day, the battle raged under glorious conditions, and by sheer force of will, the NTMBA won the battle. The TCRC fought valiantly despite being out numbered, but at the end of the day, they could not match the unrelenting mtb'ers.

After their merciless victory, the woodsman claimed the Tri-Cities Cup and carried it back to their lair. The broken and battered members of the TCRC could do nothing but watch during the celebration. But I noticed that despite being defeated on this particular day, the fire still burned in their eyes, and I swore I could see them plotting their revenge. With great gnashing of teeth, I heard them muttering...."next year..."
Rider Points Rider Points
Booth 100
Jim McMackin 54 Eric Wondergem 86
Perry Cannon 28 Jon Roher 38
Michael Walters 24 Wes Lamberson 23
Jeff Linnen 22 Michael Ritter 20
Bill Bridger 17 Alan Sparks 18
Darryl Muck 15 Greg Carr 12
David Donald 8 Jerry Jenkins 7
Dwayne Letterman 53 Chris Dillow 5
Darryl Muck 41 Brandon Johnson (DNF) 0
Janinie Pleasant 25 Mike Patterson 36
Barbara Bogart 21
Bob Lamberson 31
Brian Archer 27
Jon Waldo 20
Andy Mullins 14
Steve Anstoetter 46
Total 387 Total 404