The Tri-Cities Cup 2007 Results

Are you ready for the challenge?On November 10, 2007, a fearsome battle for the Tri Cities Cup was fought at Steele Park between the smooth legged road warriors of the TCRC clan and the hairy woodsman of the NTMBA. A little over a year after the last clash between these two mighty clans, the TCRC struck back with a vengeance. Evidently, a year of frustration and anger brought them out in great numbers, and many of them fought in several battles to exact a smothering victory. So numerous were the TCRC fighters that the battlefield was from their traditional garb and red with the blood of their defeated foes.

Despite being outnumbered on almost every front, the woodsman fought valiantly. In the end though, these broken men could only watch as the roadies shouted and cheered victoriously once they had the TCC cup in hand. But I noticed that despite being defeated on this particular day, the fire still burned in their eyes, and I swore I could see them plotting their revenge. With great gnashing of teeth, I heard them muttering...."next year..."

Rider Points Rider Points
Booth 100 Booth 100
Todd Braswell (M35) 33 Greg Carr 9
Everett Baker (M35) 28 Steve Stidham (CX4) 8
Mike Walters 38 Chris Dillow 2
Jeff Carlsen 30 Bob Lamberson 24
Mike Mefford 21 Alan "Scooby" Sparks (SS) 21
Kingsley Rutters 20 Brian Archer 18
Perry Cannon (CX4) 19 Steve Stidham (SS) 14
Bill Bridger (CX4) 4 Anthony Duncan 10
Perry Cannon (M45) 47 Ian Lamberson 30
Darryl Muck (M45) 37 Jesse Stidham 29
Bill Bridger (M45) 32 Austin Sparks 19
Mike Patterson (M45) 27 Larry Bishop 25
Nicole Douglas 21 Kim Bishop 36
Barbara Bogart 15 Alan "Scooby" Sparks (CX4) 11
Todd Braswell (SS) 38
Mike Seek (SS) 34
Mike Mefford (SS) 30
Darryl Muck (SS) 12
Mike Seek (Pro/1/2) 41
Total 627 Total 356