Turkey Cross!

You know you’re going to eat to much on Thanksgiving day, going from one turkey dinner to the next. Get a jump on working those extra pounds off! Do the Turkey Cross! Loudon Municipal Park ( just outside of Knoxville,TN) November 30, 2013. All the details can be found here: http://turkeycross.weebly.com/. Turkey Cross is also [...]

Cross re-start!

It’s been a little herky jerky for the series over the past few weeks, but it allowed some of you to get to experience top level cyclo-cross racing at Louisville, KY last weekend. Below is the schedule for the remainder of the season.
MSG 7  November 23, Bristol TN: King University Tornado Cross
Cobra-cross, November 24, Bristol, [...]

MSG Cross Racing Resumes 11/2/13 at Boone NC Fairgrounds

MSG # 6 will be held at the The High Country Fairgrounds, Boone NC.
We would also like to spotlight our day sponsor for MSG #6 at the Boone Fair Grounds: the Abby Design & Construction/Boone Bike Elite Team We really appreciate their support for this event! Please thank Dan and all the riders on [...]

MSG Schedule and Non-MSG Races Organized by MSG

MSG 2013 Final Schedule
MSG 1&2 September 28-29: Domtar, Kingsport TN
MSG 3&4 October 5-6: Farmhouse, Unicoi TN
MSG 5 October 12: Elizabethton, TN
MSG 6 November 2: Boone, NC
MSG 7  November 23, Bristol TN: King University Tornado Cross
Cobra-cross, November 24, Bristol, VA (collegiate and USAC open categories)
MSG 8 December 7: Mars Hill, NC
MSG 9 January 4: Domtar, [...]

Fort Watuaga Race Course: 10/12/13

Take Franklin Club Drive down to the Tennessee courts. 1501 W. Elk Ave. Elizabethton, TN 37643
Parking Map: Please park in the lots colored blue on the MAP

The “Tennessee 180″ at the Farmhouse

121 Covered Bridge Lane  Unicoi, Tennessee 37692

MSG Weekend 1 in the Books!

What a great race weekend! Great venue, great people, great volunteers! CX people are the best! We also have the greatest sponsors: The town of Unicoi, Holston Distributing Company, New Belgium Brewing, Industry Nine,Hampton Trails Bike Shop, Piney Flats Bicycles and Fitness, Kingsport’s own Reedy Creek Bicycles, the City of Kingsport, [...]

Domtar Course Map