Online Registration is Now Open!

The 2012 MSG series will for the first time have online registration. There are many factors involved in the decision. I, as a full-time student, and coach, just don’t have the time this semester to donate to the series. Eric has increasing family responsibilities. Key people have moved on, others are focusing on careers. So, we have implemented online registration and late fees. This is not to penalize anyone, or a money grab, but to make things run smoother for you, the organizers, and the officials. That said, there are many benefits to registering online at USAC.

  • You sign your waiver online. Once you get your number on the first day, you don’t have to stand in any lines the rest of the season. Just register each week online. More time to sleep, or warmup.
  • One Day licenses are paid for online along with your entry. Again, no standing in line.
  • You will be prompted to purchase either a One Day, or annual license, before you register.
  • No exchanging money, USAC will collect all the fees, and the send a check to MSG for the balance.
  • You will be shown a personalized page with only the events you are eligible for.

Of course, if you prefer the old fashioned way, you can still register day of, but, you get hit with a $5.00 late fee.  Please help us out by pre-registering,  you will be helping us, yourself, and everyone else.

Thanks, Dwayne and Eric

Race Flyer


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