MSG has a long history of beautiful venues with fast and fun CX courses. Expect no different this year!

Race Category:

If you own a racing license, it should list a CX category. You must race your category. If you do well and earn upgrade points, you may move up. More details can be found on the USAC website.

Yes, it’s true! After paying for an entry into one race, competitors may enter a second race for just $10.00.

Racers may ride any type of bicycle that complies with USAC rules. (cyclo-cross, mtn. bike, road bike, etc.) NO bar-ends are allowed on mountain bikes per the USAC rules.

All racers will be held under USAC permit, riders must SIGN the standard USAC waiver of liability at each race and wear an CSPC approved helmet while riding or racing.

2016 Schedule

Bison  CX MSG #1 Unicoi TN 9/24/16 Register Flyer Results
Bison  CX MSG #2 Unicoi TN 9/25/16 Register Flyer Results
Woad Warrior MSG #3 Elizabethton TN 10/23/16 Register Flyer Results
Frankenstein CX MSG #4 Johnson City TN 10/29/16 Register Flyer Results
Frankenstein CX MSG #5 Johnson City TN 10/30/16 Register Flyer Results
Pinnacle CX MSG #6 Unicoi TN 11/13/15 Register Flyer Results

The MSG Series is promoted by Dwayne Letterman. The promoter will keep the official point’s standings. Any rule interpretations or rule changes are at his discretion.


MSG Series “Race Points” Structure
1st 30 points
2nd 25 points
3rd 21 points
4th 19 points
5th 17 points
6th 15 points
7th 14 points
8th 13 points
9th 12 points
10th 11 points
11th 10 points
12th 9 points
13th 8 points
14th 7 points
15th 6 points
16th 5 points
17th 4 points
18th 3 points
19th 2 points
20th 1 points
DNF 0 points

Race Info:

Riders must compete in at least 4 races to be eligible for the overall prize list. In the event of a tie the rider placing highest at the Series Final will be deemed the winner. If a tie still exists the winner will be determined according to USAC rules. The USAC official’s results from the individual races will be used to determine the MSG Series points. Racers must pick which category the wish to be scored for in the over all IE: Cat3 or Masters. You can’t be eligible for the over all in both categories, although you can race in more than one category.

Racers will have the same number throughout the Series. There will be a $3.00 number replacement fee! Do not lose or forget your number. Numbers will be assigned at the first race you attend.


Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and plan on having tons of fun! Behaving in an unsportsman-like way will result in loss of racing privileges.

Race Category Duration Online Entry Fee/Day of Start Time
Masters Women 30+ (1-4) 45 Minutes $25/$35 10:30 AM
Elite Master’s 35+/45+ (1,2,3,4) 45 Minutes $25/$35 10:30 AM
Master’s 45+/55+ (3,4,5) 45 Minutes $25/$35 10:30 AM
Master’s 30+(4,5) 45 Minutes $25/$35 10:30 AM
CX 4 30 Minutes $25/$35 11:30 AM
CX 5 – Beginner Men 30 Minutes $15/$25 11:30 AM
Women’s CX4 30 Minutes $15/$25 11:30 AM
Jr’s Men/Women (15-18) 30  Minutes Free 12:15 PM
Jr’s Men/Women (10-14) 30 Minutes Free 12:15 PM
Single Speed 30 Minutes $25/$35 12:15 PM
Women Pro/Cat 1,2,3 40 Minutes $25/$35 1:00 PM
Pro/Cat 1,2,3 50 Minutes $25/$35 2:00 PM
Race Category Duration Entry Fee Start Time
Master’s 30-34* 45 Minutes $20 11:00 AM
Master’s 35+ 45 Minutes $20 11:00 AM
Master’s 45+ 45 Minutes $20 11:00 AM
Women’s Pro1/2/3 45 Minutes $20 12:00 PM
CX 3 45 Minutes $20 12:00 PM
Women’s CX4 30 Minutes $20 1:00 PM
CX 4 30 Minutes $20 1:00 PM
Pro1/2 60 Minutes $20 1:45 PM
Single Speed 30 Minutes $20 3:00 PM
Jr’s Men/Women (15-18) 30 Minutes $5 3:00 PM
Jr’s Men/Women (10-14) 30 Minutes $5 3:00 PM
Mountain Bike** 30 Minutes $10 3:00 PM
CX Youth 1 lap FREE 3:00 PM
*No TBRA Points *Prizes will not exceed $499
Race a Second Race for $5.00!