Hey, you like cross’ right? You want to see this series continue, right? You want to meet some cool people and give back just a little bit, right? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, well, we need your help.  Now, sometimes people get a little unnerved by the thought of volunteering because they think that it is gonna be a huge commitment.  Never fear!  Here at MSG HQ, we believe in the mantra…”Many hands make light work.“  That said, this fall, we have lots of opportunities for you to pitch in and help out.  None of them require loads of time, and we will be more than happy to give you guidance and instruction.  You don’t have to be an expert to pitch in!

So, we need a small cadre of volunteers to help with this year’s cyclocross series, and remember, if you can only help out for 1 race, that’s fine!  You don’t have to commit to helping for the entire series.

Course Setup takes place on the morning of each race (remember there are 6 race days!).  Generally, the setup crew needs to meet at 7:30am at the venue.  Gloves and tools will be provided.  You just need to wear appropriate clothing, bring a cup of joe, and a smile.  6-10 people works well.

Registration is a pretty good gig as far as volunteering is concerned because there is no manual labor.  However, it helps to be an organized and detail oriented person to make things run smoothly.  3-4 people make this easy.

Food and drink – One cool thing about MSG CX is that we provide you with lunch!  Nothing tastes as good as a fresh sandwich and a coke after a hard race (well, maybe an hour after that race is over).  However, we need a volunteer to transport the giant sub and coolers of soft drinks to the venue by 11:30am.  It helps to own a truck or van for this job.

MC – “Mic check…mic checka.”  Do you like music and have the tunes to get the party started?  Here at the MSG HQ, we’ve decided to open the floor for guest dj’s this year. The only criteria is that the playlist is clean/edited and that there is about 5-6 hours of music.

Scoring – We have a great group of USCF certified officials who devote their time to quickly and accurately reporting the results of each race.  That said, this is always a tricky part of any bike race, and thus, it is handy for the officials to have a few people at their disposal to help with scoring, calling out numbers, and fetching refreshments (those guys get thirsty too!).

Course Take Down – After the last race of the day, we need a group of about 6-8 people to help take down the course.  This is generally a pretty fast process and many hands make light work.

Interested in helping out?  Drop us a line.