Listed below are results from the 2007 Mud, Sweat, and Gears Cyclocross Series.

All images are property of Bart Nave Photography.

MSG #1 Results – 10/13/2007

Another beautiful day for cyclocross dawned clear and chilly on this particular morning. However, by the time the racing heated up at 11am, the temperatures had too. Fresh off his win last weekend at the Mack Daddy CX race, Will Black demolished the Pro/1/2 field in similar fashion while Cara McCauley won the Pro/1/2/3 Women’s event.

Perhaps the most exciting finish of the day was the 50-yard drag race the tifosi was treated to when Andy Applegate and Eric Wondergem rounded the last turn together. Andy, seasoned veteran that he is, had the presence of mind to throw his bike in the sprint.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who came out this weekend. Up next is the Redline Cup o’ Cross at Winged Deer Park worth double points. See you there!

MSG #2 Results – 10/20/2007 - The Redline Cup o’ Cross

The Redline Cup o’ Cross race at Winged Deer Park was perhaps the most memorable MSG race ever. Featuring the largest prizelist in our history and one of the best courses Dwayne has ever put together, double points, the first ever 9 foot sub, and great racing, the CoC race had it all. Dan Timmerman of Kodak/Sierra Nevada ran away from the Men’s Pro/1/2 field while Kacey Manderfield took the Women’s Pro/1/2/3 race. Michael Biegalski took a heated CX3 race. Eric Marland continued his winning ways in the Master’s 35+ race, and the CX4 race featured Jerid Gooding at the front.

DW showed em’ his rear tread in the Master’s 45+ category while Elizabeth McCalley won the CX4’s. Todd “Mr. Double Up” Braswell won the SS race and a whole host of Jr’s turned out to test their legs against the course.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who came out this weekend. We will take a weekend off at MSG since a whole host of people will be headed up to the USGP in Louisville next weekend. See you again on November 3rd at Steele Creek Park.

MSG #3 Results – 11/03/2007 - SpookyCross!

The results from MSG #3 are posted. Please keep in mind that this was a special race, and if you dressed up for SpookyCross, you got 25 extra points added to your race and field points. The results are sorted by total points. If, by some strange twist of cosmic fate, we missed your costume, please don’t hyperventilate. Simply email dwayne at msgcross dot com, and we’ll get things straightened out.

Thanks to everyone who raced in costume. SpookyCross has been a fun race for the past two years, and we hope to continue the tradition in the future. It was great to see so many ghouls, goblins, cowgirls, surgeons, 80’s tennis stars, pirates, laundry piles, spidermen, clowns, motocross stars, vikings, cows, ipods, mullets, punk rockers, and more take on the Maxxis Spiraling Cyclone of Death.

MSG #4 Results – 11/10/2007 - The Tri-Cities Cup!

The results from MSG #4 are posted, as are the results from the Tri-Cities Cup 2007. Evidently, a year of frustration and anger brought them out in great numbers, and many of them fought in several battles to exact a smothering victory. So numerous were the TCRC fighters that the battlefield was red…red from their traditional garb and red with the blood of their defeated foes.

It appears as though the SS race is finally taking off. These guys know how to have fun and are keeping the true spirit of cyclocross alive and well. It seems as though Todd Braswell is running away with the show this year in the SS category, but there are plenty of people towing the start line for a SSecond helping of cross at the end of the day. Converting your bike is easy, and dedicated croSS rigs can be found pretty inexpensively these days.

MSG #5 Results – 12/1/2007

The results and photos from MSG #5 are posted. Despite a low turnout due to other races going on in the region, the weather and racing action were hot! Unseasonably warm temperatures and bright sunshine seemed more appropriate for early fall rather than the first day of December. Thanks to all those racers who came out and pinned a number on. We’ll see you next week for the 6th and final race!

One notable course feature this week was the Mefford Molar, so named after the tooth-like shape when seen from the Goodyear Blimp overhead. This outstanding (and new for 2007) feature was marked by fast, swoopy curves that allowed racers to test the limits of their tubular tire glue as they dropped in at high speed. From there, the course at Winged Deer Park felt similar to that of a snowboarding half pipe, and racers sailed back and fourth throughout the race.

MSG #6 Results – 12/8/2007

The results and photos from MSG #6 are posted. Finally, the weather was nasty, and the wet conditions turned the course into a slippery and sloppy mess. This was classic cyclocross, folks! Hopefully, the racing was fun for everybody, and the chicane before the Hammer Heed runup leveled the playing field and forced racers off their bikes.

After the race, we had our usual final race cookout/awards ceremony at the Meredith Pavillion. Jake Braswell took home a 2007 Redline Conquest that should fit him in a year or two. Congratulations to all of our Series winners, and we hope you enjoy your custom homemade trophies. Extra special thanks go out to the Lang’s for their grill expertise. How many other series offer low entry fees, great prizes, and a free lunch?!? Not many.

And like that, the 4th annual Mud, Sweat, and Gears Cyclocross Series drew to a close. Thanks for making this the biggest and best season yet, and we hope to see each and every one of you back again next year.

2007 MSG Overall Points Standings