Turkey Cross 2012! UPDATE

Turkey Cross info has been posted. Online registration will be available soon;

Bigger Payouts for MR’s and Pro’s

Okay, big news, we have almost doubled the payout for the Masters 35+. We have more than doubled the women’s payout and equaled it with the pro men. And, we nearly doubled the Pro men’s payout. So don’t forget about MSG at Unicoi on the 27th! We only have 3 races left and we need your support. Please pre-register. PS. Double points the Saturday!

121 Covered Bridge Lane
Unicoi, TN 37692

(423) 743-8799

Bonnie Kate Cyclo-cross Race MSG #5!

Bonnie Kate Cyclo-cross Race:

Hey folks, we are proud announce our day sponsor for next Saturdays race. Please visit the Bonnie Cafe’ in the historic 1935 Bonnie Kate Theater Building. Who was Bonnie Kate? The first one to tell me gets a free meal at the “The Bonnie Kate Cafe’, bonniekatelogo

Sycamore Shoals and Fort Watauga:

We are halfway through the series now and this is one of the most unique venues yet. Lots of stuff for families to do. I’m proud to say that my ancestors mustered at Fort Watauga and rode to Kings Mountain, South Carolina to defeat the British at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The start will be just a few hundred feet from the fort. The fort is a replica of the one that existed during the American Revolution. Believe it or not, freedom began on the banks of the Watauga river at Fort Watauga.

Visit the website here: Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park

Race location: 1651 W. Elk Ave., Elizabethton, TN

RaceĀ  Course


Please park in one of the three lots marked in blue. The lots around the pool are closest to the race course. The one nearest the entrance to Sycamore Shoals should be used as the others fill up.

Parking Map

This is a state park so remember, NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. It could go bad for anyone who violates the rule. Be mindful of other users of the park, this is their park and they use it everyday, for walking and running. We are just visiting.

Series Results

The yearly battle for series points has begun! Series results are now posted for MSG races #1-3. Double points (race points only) will be offered at the race on 10/27 and the series finale on, 12/8. Now, chase down that guy in front of you!

Racin’ at the Farmhouse!

Course is ready to go and it’s going to be tuff and technical.


Look for the Farmhouse Garden & Gallery sign on the right if you come from Unicoi, on the left if from Johnson City. Also, look for the little covered bridge.

Googler Map

121 Covered Bridge Lane
Unicoi, TN 37692

(423) 743-8799


Online Registration

Online registration went pretty well last week and thanks to everyone who participated. Those who pre-registered last week need only to register online for this weekend, and line up on race day. You won’t have to come by registration unless you’ve lost your number (three bucks please). To further convenience people, we have extended online registration to 11:00 am MDT 10/5/12. That’s 1:00 pm EDT, which is what we are on!

To register, just go to the USAC events page:

Registrate here

Salvation Army Donations

Don’t forget, we will be collecting donations for the Salvation Army. MSG will match donations to a maximum of $500.00 when the series is over. We are also collecting canned goods for Salvation Army.Salvation_Army

Opps! We made a costly mistake!

Folks we set up the second race discount wrong and 11 of you were only charged 25 dollars for two days of racing. One of you has already registered for October 6-7, and got the same deal. Now, this was our mistake, so, we aren’t going to call anyone out, but, we really can’t afford to loose $170.00. We’ll leave it up to you as to whether you pay the difference or not.